Surface improvement grade

Films and sheets that have improved the lack of surface hardness and easiness to scratch, in addition to the excellent characteristics of polycarbonate resin. These products are suitable for a broad range of areas, including automobiles, the display covers of mobile phones and game devices, and automobile interiors.

  • Surface improvement grade
  • Surface improvement grade

Special grade

Special grade

High-quality polarizing sheets with many color variations used for the protective layer by increasing the optical property of polycarbonates. They play an active role mainly in the eye-care area, such as prescription glasses with a polarization function and sports and fashion sunglasses.

General grade

Polycarbonate resin has been used in many areas including automobiles and household electronics throughout history because it has properties such as excellent transparency, heat resistance (operating temperature range: -30 to 110°C) and processing properties such as easiness to stamp, in addition to thermoformability.

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