Environmental measures/ Compliance

Environmental measures

MGC Filsheet Co., Ltd. will continue to live with local communities

Environmental measures

Tokorozawa Factory is located in the portion of a refined, cultural city where the rich nature of Musashino thrives. Osaka Factory is located next to the Kanzaki River, a branch of the Yodo River near Shin-Osaka. Shirakawa Factory is the third base in Kogyo-no Mori Shin-Shirakawa, with convenient access to the Tokyo metropolitan area, in a historic district as a gateway to Oshu.


We have been consistently working on coexistence with local communities and environmental preservation since we began operating in each location. We have been developing a variety of activities to take hold in the area to be beloved by local residents and keep the environment around us clean and beautiful. Our facilities are located in a beautiful environment with a colorful and proud history. We will continue our activities to assimilate into the local region while carefully preserving the environment in Tokorozawa, Osaka and Shirakawa. MGC Filsheet will always work on  environmental preservation and safe operations that take root in local communities.


Establishment of consultation desk

The Company has established the Compliance Consultation Desk in case it is difficult to make a decision on compliance issues or a violation of compliance is not corrected through the office organization.


Compliance Consultation Desk of MGC Filsheet
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Points to consider

  • In addition to all the employees of the Company, those who engage in business activities at its affiliated companies, partner companies and business partners are able to consult with and blow the whistle at the Compliance Consultation Desk.
  • We ask those who consult with or blow the whistle at the Compliance Consultation Desk to reveal their name, in principle, in order to inform them of the results of our consideration or investigation and to avoid defaming and slandering individuals unnecessarily. We also ask them to consult with or blow the whistle at the Compliance Consultation Desk in a way that leaves a record, such as an e-mail.
  • We will protect the privacy of those who have consulted with or blown the whistle at the Compliance Consultation Desk and those who have cooperated with an investigation and will never leak their name or the act of whistleblowing to people other than those concerned.

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