Company Overview

Our strengths

As a member of the MITSUBISHI GAS CHEMICAL (MGC) Group, it is possible for the Company to stably secure high-quality polycarbonate resin materials produced by MGC.


We have also accumulated manufacturing knowhow and equipment technologies and have built a quality control system with our extensive manufacturing experience. We have established a research and development department at each factory to quickly capture customer needs and reflect them in our products by valuing their feedback.


In addition, the Sheet Film Tokyo R&D Center of MGC engages in the research and development of new products, which enables MGC to commercialize products swiftly in cooperation with the Company.

Company Overview

Customer trust

MGC Filsheet is committed to the reliability of its products.

We consider customers at the shipment destination through our products and continue to make efforts to improve the quality of our products to maintain customers' trust.

Customer satisfaction

MGC Filsheet is very sensitive to the satisfaction of customers.

We will continue each effort with the aim to meet customer needs 100%.

Research and development capabilities

MGC Filsheet tries to seize every opportunity for new possibilities.

We will transform difficult challenges and themes from customers into a new possibilities and propose solid solutions to realize them.

Quality control capability

MGC Filsheet is eager to maintain and improve quality.

We will continue efforts for ambitious capital investment, the cultivation of production sites, production management meticulous to details and the maintenance and improvement of excellent quality control to allow customers to use our products with peace of mind.

Speedy preparation

A slogan of MGC Filsheet is speedy preparation.

We will work to respond sensitively to customers' requests and accelerate the response time.

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